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Saturday, June 26, 2021

20 Jobs in Rama construction company


Project Finance Manager

(Project Finance Head)

Jobs Position in rama a construction company

Construction Engineer

Site Engineer




Level Man)

Personnel Officer

(Personnel Officer)

A baker

Property Manager

Property division worker

Occupational safety

Safety Officer

Finishing Forman


(Sanitory Foreman)

Senior Sanitary Forman

(Senior Sanitory Foreman)

General maintenance worker

(General Service Technician

Sur Operator


From 1 Nenik and Career Level III

And L on top of that by placing


6 years and older

Made professionally

By the organization




By a construction company

Working in

Senior Sanitary Forman

(Senior Sanitory Foreman)

By project

General maintenance worker

(General Service


From Technical and Vocational Level IV

8 years and older

And more on plumbing

Made professionally

Of paper

At Level 1 and above

By General Mechanic (General

1 year and above

When he has work experience

M chanics) or in parallel


Born and graduated

Completed 10 classes and 5 years and above

More than that


2 years and older

Completed 6th grade and then

(By a construction company

It is better to do it.)

Lottery Operator


• Special with loader operator

Licensed (Renewed)

20 In the military and environment

Police have a telephone

20 Guard Above Project

Applicants who meet the above requirements are invited to submit their CV along with non returnable credentials within 10 working days from this announcement

Attach the original and non-returnable photocopy of your educational and work experience with the application

The church is located in front of Robera Kofe, 400 meters from the main road in front of the church.

We would like to inform you that you can register

get New job opportunity 


telegram @etbabacom

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